LaMarche Associates is a regional independent insurance adjusting firm handling first and third party property and casualty claims in the New England states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, as well as New York City, New Jersey, and Eastern New York State.


Gary and Donna LaMarche established LaMarche Associates, Inc. in August of 1989. It was an undertaking of both creativity and passion driven by their love of the insurance adjusting industry. Their goal was simple, to create an adjusting service that would respond to clients' needs on an individual and personal basis.

They additionally strived to provide a product that was complete, thorough and timely, as well as cost effective. With over 30 years of service, they continue to be at the forefront of training and introducing young insurance professionals to the industry, while continuing to maintain dedicated and experienced licensed insurance adjusters as well.

LaMarche Associates, Inc. continues to develop and advance its business practice with a new generation of novel and energetic adjusters. Just as when LaMarche Associates, Inc. was established, every adjuster is driven by their passion for the insurance adjusting industry.


All of Gary and Donna LaMarche's children were introduced to the family business and insurance adjusting industry during their adolescent years. While familiarizing themselves with the business, they were also introduced to many influential people and practices of the business. Because of this indispensable experience, Greg LaMarche, Geoff LaMarche, Valerie Trevallion, and Kristie LaMarche have prospered as the second generation to their families' establishment. Greg LaMarche has advanced to President, Geoff LaMarche is the Executive Vice President, Valerie Trevallion is an Administrative Assistant, and Kristie LaMarche is an Information and Accounting Specialist at the corporate headquarters. They too uphold the passion and creativity of their parents for the insurance adjusting industry.


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